Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self-Made Stuff with Iines

I made these little bags when I was at my friend's Iines' house. First you cut the model of the little bag out of paper. Then you glue the cloth on and fold the the whole thing up. After that you glue the sides. When you have folded up the bag, you sew a string on the other end of the bag and put the beads on and sew the other end of the string.

And there you have a bag!

When I was at Iines' birthday party, we made things out of clay. So I thought I could make little items for my dollhouse. I made a cake, fruits and a small jewelry box for the mom. And you yourself can make anything for your dollhouse out of clay!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adorable Stuff

These items are from fairy sets which we got from our friends Alex and Sydney, when we were leaving Boulder for Helsinki. They are perfect size for our doll house, thank you, Alex and Sydney!

These paper items I printed out from Jim's Printables from the web. From this web site you can find all sorts of printable stuff for your doll house!

These beautiful desserts our Mom brought from Basel, Switzerland, where she was on a business trip. She visited the Puppenhaus Museum, which was a great place, she told us.

I, Laura, made these donuts in a clay workshop which I attend every Wednesday. I also made the card box out of paper, it is like a small box and you can print the layout from Jim's Printables.

Our Grandma Raili made us rugs and pot-holders. Unfortunately, the pot-holders were a bit too big, so we use them for dog mats. Well, she can surely knit us smaller ones!

The Perfect Kitchen!

This is our doll house kitchen. We got the furniture from our Grandma Greta as a Christmas present. She also gave us a china set. This is a modern kitchen, because it has an island, an electric stove and a hood. Everything is perfect, but where is the mother to cook the delicious food?

While mom is cooking the dinner, Tom is trying to sneak for the donuts, which are on the island. Cotton is helping him! Elisa is helping mom set the table by taking the forks and knives out of the drawer. "What is for dinner?" the father calls from the dining room. Spike is playing in the basket while waiting for their food. "Hurry up, mother, everyone is hungry!".

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Lovely Family!

In our family there are father, mother, big sister named Elisa, brother Tom and baby Kirsty. Father owns a bakery and mother is an artisan, who works in her own handworkshop. Elisa is 6 years old, Tom 4 years old and baby Kirsty 6 months. Elisa and Tom share a room, while baby Kirsty sleeps in the parent's room.

Pets, pets and more pets!

The family is in love with pets, they just love pets! Especially dogs. As you see in the picture there are seven dogs, two turtles and one cat. The mom dog is May and her little puppies are Spike and Cotton. The four other dogs are Ronnie, Pepper, Spot and Mint. Cat's name is Cinder. Turtles' names are Squart and Nert. They are twins.

What a happy family!

Inside the doll house

This is how you open our doll house. You can lift up the roof as you can see from the picture and open the front walls like a door. The house has three levels and altogether six rooms. Currently the rooms are kitchen, bathroom, dining room, children's bedroom, parent's bedroom and a small living room.

Welcome in!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is a start!

I thought I'd never see the day when me and my sister got a doll house. But last summer it happened. We got a doll house!! Pretty big with six rooms and we are gradually furnishing it. In this blog we are going to tell you what we have done to our doll house and what we are going to do.

Laura and Riikka