Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last days of the Christmas Calendar


A tiny washtub, a Christmas tree and a magazine.


Different kinds of flowers, watering can, and extremly soft sheets.


A covered tray with pies, a pot with a lid, and some more magazines.


A sugar pot, a juice bottle and a tray


More beautiful bottles, a kettle with some carrots in there and another sugar pot.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas calendar

This is our Christmas calendar! Our mom bought all these wonderful stuff from local minimarket. We were all there, but mom managed to buy all this without us noticing a thing!


First picture shows first and second day, and second picture shows third and fourth day. And so on... (So every pictures shows two days from the calendar) Dishes, food and soft pillows...


Magazine, picture, kettle, flower, wine and that little metal thing....


Nice bags, mini Christmas tree, wine bottle, a jug...

The rest will come tomorrow. :)

Long time no see... part II

I did a swap with Tiia who keeps "Ruusun nuppu nukkekotini"- blog. The theme was Christmas kitchen. And of course I forgot to take a picture of my stuff before sending them... But here is a picture of what I got from Tiia. Even this picture is not complete... but you can go see much better pictures from Tiia's blog.

Aren't they so cute!!! Thank you Tiia! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long time no see...

Yes that is pretty true, but lots of things have been happening. But I only got these five pictures, something is wrong with my computer... But from the start I won a raffle in Katjaliinin puuhat  blog!! And look what I got! :)

Isn't it just beautiful! And handmade by Katja! (The pictures are in wrong order, but I guess that can't be helped)

These nice wooden frames got a big change when they got home with me from the flea market.



Well this was all for today! 
(I'll try to get better pictures of the frames, if I remember...)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The new kitchen!

Here is the new kitchen and I am pretty fond of the furniture. So the furniture will stay but lets see if they soon going to be changed around... The table and bench are made by me and everything else has been bought. But the rug is made by my grandmother at will be changed to the one a bought from the Miniature fare. 

Lemonade is ready to be served, but were are the folks to drink it?

I have thought a lot about what kind of wallpaper should I put in the kitchen, but I have still no clue about that!!! Well, I'll try to think about something... :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bathroom to bedroom and Bedroom to bathroom...

So, as you know from the title, I once again changed the rooms around... so this downstair room used to be the bathroom but now the furniture have been carried upstairs.So lets see how it goes!

Now the furniture has been put in but the walls and floor still need something, now what could that be..

And now upstairs, I really do like this better. The bathroom was too big downstairs and the bedroom was too little upstairs. And now this is perfect, at least for now...

This looks much better! Now only the floor needs to bee fixed. The 'tiles' were so hard to get of that I just covered it up with tissue paper. Jep you read right, tissue paper and ribbon. The night table is really Riikka's but I just had to try it. The rug is made by my grandmother.

Hey, did you notice that the upper wallpaper is the same that was used in the bathroom.
There has been other changes too, but more about that later... 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Miniatures rooms

We had friends over from America who bought us this wonderful book!! On the way to Finland they stopped by Chicago and visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Each year thousands of visitors come to see the sixty-eight magnificent lighted boxes.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful rooms:

I wish I had taken more pictures of the book but my fingers were so shaking that I just had to start reading!! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally a post!

We went to the Lahti miniatures fair. And this is what we bought... ( look at the upper picture) To be miniature, we got mini bags too!! They are so cute! Well actually I bought this..(look down now...) 

Tadaa, here is things that I bought... Well my wallet got really light after getting out of that place...
Well, here a bit closer to the things that I bought.

So these are the dishes that everyone has been talking about. They are Wooper's dishes. Aren't they so sweet! I just love it, they are like real ones!

And now for the food! Some spaghetti, rye bread, and chips!! Yummy! The spaghetti is made by Susanna, it looks so real!! I wish that I could have that spaghetti right now...mmmm....

Some bed sheets for Tom and Eliza with pillows, a very sweet rug, some nice cloth, and a very soft pillow. The rug is going in the kitchen and the pillow is going in the new parents bedroom. (more about that later...) I really like the prints on the bed sheets.  

Now for the rest of the mini stuff I got: Hangers, note books, clocks, candles, wreath, sticks for Nordic walking. Susanna is the maker of the note books and she was so kind that she gave us prints of the notebook covers.  

I really am proud that I found this bike. The peddles and the wheels really actually work!! Now Tom and Eliza can go with a bike to school!  

 Now my fingers are shaking... I can't really say anything else that I just love this!!  I had been admiring this set from one blog and now I have got it!!!

Now heres a picture of the set in Riikka's Green Gable's garden. And of course Wooper's dishes and Susanna's yummy food.

Mmmm, mmmm.....

Oh, yeah I forgot to show what was in the mini bags. Well, here they are:

The photo album is so sweet with the mini pictures. 

I bet that the mom is going to love the smells of the perfume.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Exciting England Trip!!

I had a wonderful time in England!! We went everywhere: Oxford, Longleat house and Safari Park, Bath, Cheddar Gorge, Warwick castle and Mme Tussaud's ... and so on... but I had lot's of fun! And of course when I had Susanna with me we found DOLLHOUSE SHOPS!! And with me being a shopping freak I bought lots of things..

And here you see my shoppings... Well, guess I'll just have to tell just what they are. I bought that huge sink for a kitchen (which I have been wanting for a long time..:), a bench for a garden and some bushes and flowers, a mirrow and two paintings, some tea sets, books, wine bottles, a street sign, and a cashier machine. (I am still talking about the first picture, sorry..)

But now about the second picture: These all are from Stratford. I found these from the back of the a souvenier shop, I was so happy to find that sink!!

These are from Bath, from Pulteney Bridge. (A fact: Pulteney Brigde is one of the four bridges in the world that has shops on it and one of the shops had miniatures in it!!)

These are from Cheddar Gorge. Aren't they just wonderful!!

This is just one nice picture that I took of the miniatures that I wanted to show you!

(sorry, for the long break once again... but when summer comes I will be more into miniatures!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Outside changes!

I have been looking at the outside of the house and I'm not impressed, I haven't done anything for the outside!! But now I have painted the roof with antiquing paint that has to be diluted with water, it's supposed to make it look older and used but I think it's a nice color for the roof.

Here it shows better, the top shingles aren't painted but the rest are.

And now going down, the shingles are painted and I have made rocks from egg cartons (I have a link that has instructions how to make it but can't get it yet here), then I have painted the tiny poles beige, it looks very nice.

Rachel is standing happily on the porch but she is longing for some flowers and more... She is always wanting something! ;p