Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Unfinished Parents' Room

Shhhhh..... mother will be so mad if she knew I took this picture! Because she was just unpacking and then she had to leave to calm down Tom and the puppies raced in when I took this picture...
The picture next to the bed is the mother's grandfather and she has not had time to put the others. She is planning to hang loads of pictures. The rug is made by her grandmother (actually my grandma Raili). The white box is the turtles' box. I have printed out book covers and put cardboard between the covers. But they don't show when I put them in the bookself!
The parents' room is really messy!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Brilliant Family Room

The family room is a great place to sit down and relax - or just to read a book. So now the family is relaxing after the big party on the soft couch and chairs. Daddy is having a cup of tea - Tom, don't take Dad's sugar! Mom is very tired after the party, so she is dozing with Kirsty on her lap. Elisa is knitting her pot-holder for mom. The puppies are having so much fun...

Preparing for the Party!

Hey, what are you doing? Ooh, you're preparing for the party tonight (mother just told me). Mother just came from the shop and what does she have in her basket? Cheese, bread and dough for the pastries. Mom is cooking beans and pork chops! Elisa is taking the groceries out of the basket while Tom is taking out the china teapot. Be careful, Tom! I hope Daddy is coming to help, because he barely ever helps. The house mouse is eating cheese (do you see him, he is next to the broom?).

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Food for the Family

All these foods I, Laura, made with my friend Saara at her house. This stuff is a sort of clay that you put in the oven to harden.

The single-colored cheeses are just made to their shape, but the multi-colored ones are a bit different. The blue cheese was made out of three colors. First you mix the white and green colors by cutting them into little tiny pieces. Then you mold them into the right shape and put the layer on top of it.

And there you have dollhouse cheese!

I made for mom two baguettes, one loaf of bread, a pie and some pastries.
Mostly they are two-colored.

Now mom will be excited about these cakes and sweet pastries!
(The yellow thingy is butter...).

These two glasses of apple cider are for mom and dad.
We made these in our Monday club along with real gel candles
which were made into vine glasses. We boiled a slimy goo in a kettle and poured it
into the glasses, but in the big ones we inserted a candlewick.

Saara and her mom kindly made these for me when I was visiting them.
Her mother made me the pork chops (don't their look real!) and Saara made the pastries.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Elegant Bathroom

Mom loves this bathroom, because she keeps her perfumes there. She loves the way the bathtub is placed in the corner. She likes the light green color!

She would like to have tiles on the floor and the walls. Well, let's think about it, mom!

This is mom's shelf , where she keeps her perfume collection.

We, me and my sister, made the perfumes for mom. They are easily made, you just need beads and glue. For the bottle you need a bigger bead and for the cork a smaller - and you just glue them together. Mom was thrilled - and our mom was too!