Sunday, May 20, 2007

Family Picture

The family insisted me to take a family picture in their almost finished bedroom. As you saw in the previous post, the room has a new carpet! Do you like the color combination?

The parents are almost finished with the wallpapers in their room. They ran out of paper, so one of the wall is missing the wallpaper. The parents have been working on the other rooms of the house, too. So, it has been hard on Tom and Eliza to play, and for Kirsty to wander around, because the parents have been painting the trims for the children's bedroom and the dining room. Everything is a mess!

Grandma came to visit...

... and she made for both me and my sister beautiful blue rugs. Then she made lace bedcovers for our dollhouse beds and for me she made cute pot holders. Aren't they fabulous! She is a wonderful grandma!

This is how the blue rug looks under the dining room table. I think it will go together with the blue wallpaper very well - when I get it! Notice, I have put the blue teaset to match the color. Thank you, Grandma Raili!

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Almost Finished Parents' Room

This is the surprise I was telling you about! What do you think? So, we were painting and wallpapering this room. I think we succeeded pretty well! That white paint was left over from Riikka's dollhouse. I painted the living room's trims and the staircase too. I will show the whole picture someday (with the furniture and things).


Well, Hello for the start! We have been doing so much for Riikka's dollhouse. We have been painting ,wallpapering and building it. It is very beautiful and cute. There is already a doll for it. Riikka is thinking to buy a mom and sister for her. OH,NO I should have not said that! Well, any way I have been doing something for my dollhouse too! You will see it in the next post.