Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On summer holiday when we were visiting Tallinn, we were looking for dollhouse shops in the old town, we did eventually find one. Not really a dollhouse shop, but a toy/doll shop called Nuku Pood. There I could find some ministuff, these cups and plates. Mom and dad really loved them and I think they are adorable!

I bought this mini dollhouse on my birthday. It looked very plain, just wooden. So I thought I'll tune it a bit. So, here it is!

Well, I thought I'll paint it blue, because my mom had bought for me little paint jars, one white, one blue and one terra color - and I LOVE blue!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Renovation continues...

Just wanted to show you all the new wallpapers in the dollhouse! I am not happy with the kitchen floor, so it will change, too. Now when I look closely, some of the rooms seem very small, so I am thinking of removing the stairs totally! But my mom is not so sure about it. So, we need to talk more...

Mom and Dad are checking if workmen did well when they were putting the wallpapers on. They especially wanted to check that there were no rumbles or bumbs on the walls. The workmen did a very good job!

If you look carefully enough, you'll see that I have done some painting too on the edges. I thought they looked very plain as such and wanted to give the house some color!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Birthday!!!!!

Yesterday (31.7.) was my birthday!!! We did so many things that I did not have time to blog about my wonderful day. I got many presents...

... for instance, two great books about dollhouses, one about Finnish dollhouses (Nukkekotielämää) and one was about making miniature food for the dollhouses (Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls)! I also got loads and loads of beads (in the box) and from my sister I got pocket puppies (which are so cute!!!). And then of course I got money from Grandma and from my Godfather. 100 Euros together!!! And from my sister I also got a little sister book, but it doesn't show in the picture...

We went shopping to Indiska, Hobby Point, and Tiimari, because it was my birthday and I had the money! And this is what I bought... two pillows from Indiska, a basket and Fimos from Hobby Point and scrap book thingies and the journal from Tiimari.

And because it was raining cats and dogs - and it was my birthday!!! - the whole family went to see the SIMPSONS MOVIE!!! It was just brilliant and so funny!

Later in the evening my Dad gave me these beautiful flowers - and my Mom and my sister made me this delicious cake with twelve candles on it! I am soo-oo happy!