Monday, February 25, 2008

Outside changes!

I have been looking at the outside of the house and I'm not impressed, I haven't done anything for the outside!! But now I have painted the roof with antiquing paint that has to be diluted with water, it's supposed to make it look older and used but I think it's a nice color for the roof.

Here it shows better, the top shingles aren't painted but the rest are.

And now going down, the shingles are painted and I have made rocks from egg cartons (I have a link that has instructions how to make it but can't get it yet here), then I have painted the tiny poles beige, it looks very nice.

Rachel is standing happily on the porch but she is longing for some flowers and more... She is always wanting something! ;p

We went to the store....

Yes, we went to the stores and found lots of goodies, colorful napkins (for wallpaper), paint, ribbons, garden chair, a box for keeping toys, flower pots, cernit (like fimo), bambu tablets (its going to be for a floor), hair for dolls, vine, a doll's head and hands (I am going to try and make a doll, let's see how it goes), some ornamets from Sinelli (a shop) and wood, its pretty soft that you can cut it with a mat knife, its called balsa.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I have started on making some roomboxes. It's has been lots of fun because your only boundary is your imagination.

Here I have been doing a roombox which is very small, the match is the measure of it. I found a web page in that scale. I think it's in 1:144 scale. It's very weeny tiny and I have to make the tiny furniture too :) I am glad that I got the wallpaper in...

This is the back side it, and look at the little bricks!

Here is my other one, I bought it from Tiimari (Finnish store): it's like a little frame but it opens up into three different rooms. It's very cute!

Here are the wallpapers which will be going into the rooms. (For the biggest room I put blue wallpaper).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

From pink to blue...

I haven't been keeping you updated but I have changed rooms around again.... Well, this time it was the dining- and livingroom that changed around, I just thought that the livingroom was too cramped, and a big family like them can't have anything too small! But when I had changed the furniture around I remembered that the wallpaper and furniture didn't match so I had to upholster them....

So here are the living room furniture before I started too work on them.

Rip, rip ( it was pretty easy ripping)..

I am so happy with the result!! It was very fun doing this project. :) I am just waiting to upholster the diningroom furniture!

And now a picture of them in there own atmosphere. I just love the colors!!

Now after all the long work we must relax and drink some coffee:)

Sunday, February 3, 2008


For those who do not know: Dolores is dollhouse company in the net, which sells wonderful things!!
I only had to wait the package for three days, awesome!

I ordered a doll to be a nanny and to work in the kitchen, you know sometimes mummys need rest......Then I ordered a post stamp book-,photo album set and some trim to go in Riikka's dollhouse's livingroom. They are just wonderful!!

I started right away to make the album and changed the instructions a bit...

See the yellow paper, that would have been the covers but I thought, no way! So I made a new one with different paper. It's really wallpaper.... Can you see those mini pictures? Aren't they just so cute! But cutting them out was an whole another thing.......

Here is the album almost finished. I really do like how it looks.
(I forgot to take pictures of it when it's ready..... Well maybe next time.) :)