Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The new kitchen!

Here is the new kitchen and I am pretty fond of the furniture. So the furniture will stay but lets see if they soon going to be changed around... The table and bench are made by me and everything else has been bought. But the rug is made by my grandmother at will be changed to the one a bought from the Miniature fare. 

Lemonade is ready to be served, but were are the folks to drink it?

I have thought a lot about what kind of wallpaper should I put in the kitchen, but I have still no clue about that!!! Well, I'll try to think about something... :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bathroom to bedroom and Bedroom to bathroom...

So, as you know from the title, I once again changed the rooms around... so this downstair room used to be the bathroom but now the furniture have been carried upstairs.So lets see how it goes!

Now the furniture has been put in but the walls and floor still need something, now what could that be..

And now upstairs, I really do like this better. The bathroom was too big downstairs and the bedroom was too little upstairs. And now this is perfect, at least for now...

This looks much better! Now only the floor needs to bee fixed. The 'tiles' were so hard to get of that I just covered it up with tissue paper. Jep you read right, tissue paper and ribbon. The night table is really Riikka's but I just had to try it. The rug is made by my grandmother.

Hey, did you notice that the upper wallpaper is the same that was used in the bathroom.
There has been other changes too, but more about that later...