Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Food for the Family

All these foods I, Laura, made with my friend Saara at her house. This stuff is a sort of clay that you put in the oven to harden.

The single-colored cheeses are just made to their shape, but the multi-colored ones are a bit different. The blue cheese was made out of three colors. First you mix the white and green colors by cutting them into little tiny pieces. Then you mold them into the right shape and put the layer on top of it.

And there you have dollhouse cheese!

I made for mom two baguettes, one loaf of bread, a pie and some pastries.
Mostly they are two-colored.

Now mom will be excited about these cakes and sweet pastries!
(The yellow thingy is butter...).

These two glasses of apple cider are for mom and dad.
We made these in our Monday club along with real gel candles
which were made into vine glasses. We boiled a slimy goo in a kettle and poured it
into the glasses, but in the big ones we inserted a candlewick.

Saara and her mom kindly made these for me when I was visiting them.
Her mother made me the pork chops (don't their look real!) and Saara made the pastries.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and Riikka,

I see you have been very busy with your dollhouse. The kitchen is very nice and it was fun to see it set up with the family and pets. The purses are quite elegant. It's amazing how much you can make out of clay! The food all looks delicious. I like the bathroom too and mother's perfume collection. It is nice to see how many people have helped make things for your dollhouse. I have enjoyed looking at it; thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I ran out of room on the first comment. Did not want to leave it as "anonymous". It is from me, Sharon in Boulder, Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Moro! Aika hieno nukkekoti! En kyllä tekstiä paljon ymmärtänyt, mutta aika hienot kuvat.
T: Lotta

Anonymous said...

that so cool. you will have to show me when I come.

Laura & Riikka said...

Lotta, sun pitää ottaa sanakirja esiin! Toivottavasti nähdään kesällä!

Laura & Riikka said...

Oh of course we will, Michelle! Can't wait to see you! Love, Laura and Riikka