Friday, April 6, 2007

The Fabulous Dining Room

Well, this is our dollhouse fabulous dining room -or almost, because we do not have the wall papers and hard wood floor yet... But still, I think we have all the furniture. And I was thinking of changing the floor mat to a blue one, because the chairs have blue on them. And the wall paper is going to be blue, too. (Blue is my favorite color!)
Next to the big drawer there is another smaller drawer, but you cannot see it in this picture.

Now it is dinner time! Everyone's at the table except for mom bringing the food in the cart. - What's for supper? asked Tom. - Pork chops and boiled beans, replied mom (That's their favorite food!). Everyone's hungry and the dogs are, too. If there will be left-overs, the dogs will get them. But I think there will not be any, because the family loves pork chops, so I guess, the dogs have to take their normal chow.

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