Sunday, May 20, 2007

Family Picture

The family insisted me to take a family picture in their almost finished bedroom. As you saw in the previous post, the room has a new carpet! Do you like the color combination?

The parents are almost finished with the wallpapers in their room. They ran out of paper, so one of the wall is missing the wallpaper. The parents have been working on the other rooms of the house, too. So, it has been hard on Tom and Eliza to play, and for Kirsty to wander around, because the parents have been painting the trims for the children's bedroom and the dining room. Everything is a mess!


Yummers! said...

I am excited to find your site! I love dollhouses... have since I was a little girl. I started with a cardboard one, then a metal one, and finally a large wood one with a doorbell, etc. I was soooo excited when I had 2 daughters... yes, they'll have dollhouses. On my blog today I have a picture of one of theirs... I'll post a picture of the other sometime soon.
Come visit! Joni (Wisconsin)

Anonymous said...

Kaunis on uusi väritys! :)

Anonymous said...

Kiitos osallistumisesta ja onnea kisaan! t. Mari /