Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On summer holiday when we were visiting Tallinn, we were looking for dollhouse shops in the old town, we did eventually find one. Not really a dollhouse shop, but a toy/doll shop called Nuku Pood. There I could find some ministuff, these cups and plates. Mom and dad really loved them and I think they are adorable!

I bought this mini dollhouse on my birthday. It looked very plain, just wooden. So I thought I'll tune it a bit. So, here it is!

Well, I thought I'll paint it blue, because my mom had bought for me little paint jars, one white, one blue and one terra color - and I LOVE blue!


Anonymous said...

Kivan näköinen tuo pikkutalo maalattuna :)


caitlin said...

Hi Laura, I started reading your sisters' dollhouse adventures first, but now I am reading both. You have done such a good job, and I definitely think you should leave the stairs in the house.
A little about me...I live in Massachusetts, USA, and I live in a small house in a nice neighbor hood. I have 2 grown children who live on their own.
My dollhouse is my first, and I am having a lot of fun!
Keep up the great work. I will check in to see often. Caitlin