Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dollhouse Day!

Yesterday we went to the Season Opening of the Finnish Dollhouse Society.
There were two workshops - one for making a bread basket and one for building a kitchen stool. I will show the pictures later. But it was such a fun to make them! The occasion was held in one doll shop and there were lots to look at and buy.

Or just take with you free of charge, like those floor papers and wooden pieces.

We bought these ministuff, although Riikka got those flowers free of charge when she was hanging around the table persistently enough. When Riikka bought that cute little blue doll bed, she got two miniature coca-cola bottles as a gift. And when I was buying the round piece of knitwork in the middle of the picture, the seller said it was one hundred-years old and it cost only 50 cents!!

I bought these mini printables, the other sheet has those little boxes and cans - and the other sheet has a mini teddy-time calendar. It is going to be so cute!


Anonymous said...

mukavaa nähdä että nallekalenterini on kelvannut sinulle :). otahan sitten kuva kun saat sen esille!

caitlin said...

Taking advantage of a workshop like that is a wonderful idea. I love to make things for my dollhouse. It is so hard to go into a dollhouse shop and not buy everything!
It's a good thing there were free things offered too. The whole day must have been a lot of fun.