Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Elegant Bathroom II

It so happened that Susanna made changes in Mary's House kitchen and then she had extra cabinets. So I thought I could buy them and try them in my dollhouse bathroom. One was enough for my bathroom, so the other went to my sister's dollhouse kitchen. I just love the bathroom now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

You've done a lot since I last checked your site. The bathroom looks great! The floor and cabinet look so real. It's amazing that the knitwork piece you bought is 100 years old! The mini-printables of boxes and cans will be very cute on kitchen shelves.
We had a thunderstorm and lots of rain in the morning today, and perhaps snow in the mountains.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice that you comment in your blogs !Question are you ever going to take that dollhouse from the closet or is that just grandchildern stuff ?


caitlin said...

I just wish my real life bathroom looked that nice and was that big. :o)

Anonymous said...

Me too,Caitlin!