Saturday, October 13, 2007

Staircase off!

I have always hated the stairs in my dollhouse (Sorry, Caitlin!), because they take too much space and they are located in a place that it is really difficult for the dolls to use them.

So, I wanted to take them off, and mommy refused at first to help me with it, but finally she agreed (after all, this is my dollhouse!).

Then I thought that the floor of the kitchen looked very odd, so I wanted to change that also.

And look now at this beautiful new kitchen - I love it!!!!!
And the family does too. Now the family is having a good time in big open-space kitchen.

And another thing popped into my head: I'd like to buy a fridge for the family!


hoppers said...

I love reading your blog. That floor is so cool, where did you find it? Is it stone or paper? I am working on my own dollhouse, you can see my progress at

Anonymous said...

Upea lattia!

caitlin said...

Well, you're right, you know, it is your dollhouse, and if you think the dolls would be happier without stairs, then so be it. I think you've done a lovely job so far with your decorating; I especially like the flooring in the kitchen.
p.s. I have just finished a little dollhouse and it was too small to put a staircase in, but I think the occupants are magical beings, so they don't need a staircase to get up stairs anyway. (I'm really just too lazy to figure out how to put a small staircase in it.) This mini stuff is all fun, no matter how we do it.

Me said...

Thank you all for your comments! Sorry for the long break, but I was getting a room of my own (!!!) so my computer was off the hook quite a while.

Hoppers, the kitchen floor is contact paper. Isn't that brilliant!