Sunday, November 11, 2007

Staircase off, part III

I have been changing the room order in the third floor. First, I thought that I would put the bedroom in this little room and the living-room (family room) in the bigger room, but then I changed it around, like in this picture.

After a while I noticed the living-room was very crowded when the whole family was gathered in there. And here is the picture of the parent's bedroom without the staircase. So much more space! (well, at least a little...)

Michael and Rachelle (the parents) like the new order a lot.

Here are the two rooms in the third floor. I love it...

And the family loves it, too.


Clayton Brown said...

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caitlin said...

Those are definitely cozy looking rooms. I really enjoy moving furniture around in my dollhouses; That's half the fun of minis. Besides, it's a lot easier than moving real life furniture around. (I used to do that a lot, and my friends all laughed and wondered where I would move it next time.)