Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Christmas Calendar!!!

The Christmas Calendar starts today!!

I made a calendar for my dear sister, Riikka. As you can see there are 24 tiny boxes, which Riikka will open one at a time. I have filled every box with something little for her doll house, most of them I have made myself. Some are from the store. The Chistmas calendars are very typical in Finland.

Here is the link to Riikka´s blog, which tells you every day in December, what will Riikka find from the boxes! Check it out often!!


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caitlin said...

It is fun to see what is in the drawers...( I just read day one and day two) In The United States we call them Advent calendars, and they usually go on the wall,( most of them are flat like a picture) although I used to have little musical Christmas tree that sat on a base with 24 drawers and each drawer had a tiny little ornament to decorate the Christmas tree with, so by the 24th of December, your tree would all be decorated.