Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Doll and Teddybear Market

Today at ten a.m. we went the Doll and Teddy Bear Market. It was soooooo wonderful! Stall after stall it was filled with lovely, cute, awesome doll, teddybear and doll house stuff!!!!! Most of the stuff was hand made by skilled people.

And these are what we bought! On the right side there are the stuff Riikka bought (real shopping-spree...) and on the left hand side is my stuff (the red spot is a pretty candle).
The thingies in the bags are materials for making mirrors. (I'll take better pictures on a day we have more is sooo pitch dark today).

But this is what I am REALLY happy about:

I found an vintage Lundby doll house from the seventies... with some furniture in there already. This is perfect for tuning!!! And I'm going to do everything myself. I might even create a new blog about it... Perhaps the main language will be Finnish, because many Finns are tuning their Lundbys. But of course I will put in some English, too.


Patricia Rego said...

could not believe when i saw this picture.
i still have one just like this with some furniture and eletric power suply . I JUST LOVE IT. i played, my chidren played with it and still there for their children....

Folky Dots said...

I had a doll house like this when I was a child. I do not know if it was a Lundby though.
What a great find. I LOVE doll houses.