Monday, May 12, 2008

The Exciting England Trip!!

I had a wonderful time in England!! We went everywhere: Oxford, Longleat house and Safari Park, Bath, Cheddar Gorge, Warwick castle and Mme Tussaud's ... and so on... but I had lot's of fun! And of course when I had Susanna with me we found DOLLHOUSE SHOPS!! And with me being a shopping freak I bought lots of things..

And here you see my shoppings... Well, guess I'll just have to tell just what they are. I bought that huge sink for a kitchen (which I have been wanting for a long time..:), a bench for a garden and some bushes and flowers, a mirrow and two paintings, some tea sets, books, wine bottles, a street sign, and a cashier machine. (I am still talking about the first picture, sorry..)

But now about the second picture: These all are from Stratford. I found these from the back of the a souvenier shop, I was so happy to find that sink!!

These are from Bath, from Pulteney Bridge. (A fact: Pulteney Brigde is one of the four bridges in the world that has shops on it and one of the shops had miniatures in it!!)

These are from Cheddar Gorge. Aren't they just wonderful!!

This is just one nice picture that I took of the miniatures that I wanted to show you!

(sorry, for the long break once again... but when summer comes I will be more into miniatures!! :)


caitlin said...

You must have had a wonderful time in England; from what I understand there are many many people who do minis; it's a big hobby over there. I wish more people did it around me!
Your purchases are lovely..I especially love the doll, cashier machine, and the kitchen sink. For some reason I just love the look of old kitchen sinks...(and that includes life sized ones.)
When I was 12 ( 40+ years ago!) my mom and I went to London and went to Mme. Tussaud's. I have a photograph of me sitting on a park bench on the grounds of the museum 'talking' to an old lady...a WAX old lady! She really looked real.

Laura said...

Yes, I am found of the kitchen sink too it's just so lovely!! but so cool that you have went to Mme Tussaud's too but I did not see the lady or then it has been put away or something... Well have soon a wonderful summer holiday!! =)

Loko said...

Moiii! Ootteko te käynyt englnnissa, vai???