Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally a post!

We went to the Lahti miniatures fair. And this is what we bought... ( look at the upper picture) To be miniature, we got mini bags too!! They are so cute! Well actually I bought this..(look down now...) 

Tadaa, here is things that I bought... Well my wallet got really light after getting out of that place...
Well, here a bit closer to the things that I bought.

So these are the dishes that everyone has been talking about. They are Wooper's dishes. Aren't they so sweet! I just love it, they are like real ones!

And now for the food! Some spaghetti, rye bread, and chips!! Yummy! The spaghetti is made by Susanna, it looks so real!! I wish that I could have that spaghetti right now...mmmm....

Some bed sheets for Tom and Eliza with pillows, a very sweet rug, some nice cloth, and a very soft pillow. The rug is going in the kitchen and the pillow is going in the new parents bedroom. (more about that later...) I really like the prints on the bed sheets.  

Now for the rest of the mini stuff I got: Hangers, note books, clocks, candles, wreath, sticks for Nordic walking. Susanna is the maker of the note books and she was so kind that she gave us prints of the notebook covers.  

I really am proud that I found this bike. The peddles and the wheels really actually work!! Now Tom and Eliza can go with a bike to school!  

 Now my fingers are shaking... I can't really say anything else that I just love this!!  I had been admiring this set from one blog and now I have got it!!!

Now heres a picture of the set in Riikka's Green Gable's garden. And of course Wooper's dishes and Susanna's yummy food.

Mmmm, mmmm.....

Oh, yeah I forgot to show what was in the mini bags. Well, here they are:

The photo album is so sweet with the mini pictures. 

I bet that the mom is going to love the smells of the perfume.


caitlin said...

You always pick out such fun things! I thought the coat hangers and the bike were the best of everything.

"Well my wallet got really light after getting out of that place" LOL!!!! Laura, I know exactly what you mean, but it sure is fun, and you definitely got some wonderful minis.

Laura said...

Hihii, I know... I am just so crazy about minis!! And well what do you expect from me...

Have a great summer! :)

Anonymous said...

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