Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long time no see...

Yes that is pretty true, but lots of things have been happening. But I only got these five pictures, something is wrong with my computer... But from the start I won a raffle in Katjaliinin puuhat  blog!! And look what I got! :)

Isn't it just beautiful! And handmade by Katja! (The pictures are in wrong order, but I guess that can't be helped)

These nice wooden frames got a big change when they got home with me from the flea market.



Well this was all for today! 
(I'll try to get better pictures of the frames, if I remember...)


Saara said...

Voinko linkittää sun blogin? Ja noi kehykset ja nukke on mahtavia.

laura said...

Tietty saat!Voisin varmaan linkittää sun blogin samalla. :)


Mirja said...

Blogissani sinua odottaa tunnustus:D

Laura said...

Kiiiiiiiiitos paljon Tunnustuksesta!!!!!!! :)