Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adorable Stuff

These items are from fairy sets which we got from our friends Alex and Sydney, when we were leaving Boulder for Helsinki. They are perfect size for our doll house, thank you, Alex and Sydney!

These paper items I printed out from Jim's Printables from the web. From this web site you can find all sorts of printable stuff for your doll house!

These beautiful desserts our Mom brought from Basel, Switzerland, where she was on a business trip. She visited the Puppenhaus Museum, which was a great place, she told us.

I, Laura, made these donuts in a clay workshop which I attend every Wednesday. I also made the card box out of paper, it is like a small box and you can print the layout from Jim's Printables.

Our Grandma Raili made us rugs and pot-holders. Unfortunately, the pot-holders were a bit too big, so we use them for dog mats. Well, she can surely knit us smaller ones!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that my mom brought the sweets from Basel.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Laura and Riikka! From Alex and Sydney (Alex is not here right now, but she'll look @ your blog later!).