Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self-Made Stuff with Iines

I made these little bags when I was at my friend's Iines' house. First you cut the model of the little bag out of paper. Then you glue the cloth on and fold the the whole thing up. After that you glue the sides. When you have folded up the bag, you sew a string on the other end of the bag and put the beads on and sew the other end of the string.

And there you have a bag!

When I was at Iines' birthday party, we made things out of clay. So I thought I could make little items for my dollhouse. I made a cake, fruits and a small jewelry box for the mom. And you yourself can make anything for your dollhouse out of clay!


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Saara said...

Psst! I did those things too with you and Iines