Friday, February 23, 2007

The Lovely Family!

In our family there are father, mother, big sister named Elisa, brother Tom and baby Kirsty. Father owns a bakery and mother is an artisan, who works in her own handworkshop. Elisa is 6 years old, Tom 4 years old and baby Kirsty 6 months. Elisa and Tom share a room, while baby Kirsty sleeps in the parent's room.

Pets, pets and more pets!

The family is in love with pets, they just love pets! Especially dogs. As you see in the picture there are seven dogs, two turtles and one cat. The mom dog is May and her little puppies are Spike and Cotton. The four other dogs are Ronnie, Pepper, Spot and Mint. Cat's name is Cinder. Turtles' names are Squart and Nert. They are twins.

What a happy family!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura and Riikka,
What a great idea to have a blog on your dollhouse so you can share with friends far away. Sounds like a fun family. I'll bet they have lots of good bread and desserts. My girls made lots of food for their doll house family using Sculpey, a kind of clay that you harden in the oven. They used bottle caps for pie pans. The pets are very cute, and I like their names. Thanks for sharing, love to you both, Sharon

Laura & Riikka said...

Thank you, Sharon, for your wonderful comment! Thank you for the tips.

Spike and Cotton are very cute, and I like the turtles' names, too.