Friday, February 22, 2008


I have started on making some roomboxes. It's has been lots of fun because your only boundary is your imagination.

Here I have been doing a roombox which is very small, the match is the measure of it. I found a web page in that scale. I think it's in 1:144 scale. It's very weeny tiny and I have to make the tiny furniture too :) I am glad that I got the wallpaper in...

This is the back side it, and look at the little bricks!

Here is my other one, I bought it from Tiimari (Finnish store): it's like a little frame but it opens up into three different rooms. It's very cute!

Here are the wallpapers which will be going into the rooms. (For the biggest room I put blue wallpaper).


caitlin said...

Hi Laura,
After my winter 'vacation' from my minis (too cold out in the cottage where they all are)I am back and starting to read blogs again. I also read Riikka's blog...I hope you both are well and happy. I am reading 'backwards' on your blog, so don't be surprised if I leave a comment from a post a month or two back.
I am actually going to try to build a 1:144 scale kit soon. I have had the kit since last year, but never got around to it. And yes they are VERY weeny tiny!

laura said...

Yes, same here I have had a long winter vacation too... And I have done nothing!!I am attually waiting for better weather so I would chear up, I hate winters in finland..Well I hope a get something fixed up and I am waiting to see your 1:144 scale kit!