Sunday, February 3, 2008


For those who do not know: Dolores is dollhouse company in the net, which sells wonderful things!!
I only had to wait the package for three days, awesome!

I ordered a doll to be a nanny and to work in the kitchen, you know sometimes mummys need rest......Then I ordered a post stamp book-,photo album set and some trim to go in Riikka's dollhouse's livingroom. They are just wonderful!!

I started right away to make the album and changed the instructions a bit...

See the yellow paper, that would have been the covers but I thought, no way! So I made a new one with different paper. It's really wallpaper.... Can you see those mini pictures? Aren't they just so cute! But cutting them out was an whole another thing.......

Here is the album almost finished. I really do like how it looks.
(I forgot to take pictures of it when it's ready..... Well maybe next time.) :)

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