Sunday, February 17, 2008

From pink to blue...

I haven't been keeping you updated but I have changed rooms around again.... Well, this time it was the dining- and livingroom that changed around, I just thought that the livingroom was too cramped, and a big family like them can't have anything too small! But when I had changed the furniture around I remembered that the wallpaper and furniture didn't match so I had to upholster them....

So here are the living room furniture before I started too work on them.

Rip, rip ( it was pretty easy ripping)..

I am so happy with the result!! It was very fun doing this project. :) I am just waiting to upholster the diningroom furniture!

And now a picture of them in there own atmosphere. I just love the colors!!

Now after all the long work we must relax and drink some coffee:)

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Lotte said...

Hyvän näköinen tuo uusi verhoilu! Kaunista muutenkin :o)